Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just an Update....

Thank You!!
OK, first I would like to give a big THANK YOU to my mystery customer who mentioned me at the website http://www.thenest.com/. I don't know who made those kind words, but I do appreciate it.

The New Plans...
Well, the tiered pricing and new equipment plans are still in the works, however there is a bigger problem looming. My aging van, (14 years old now) is finally starting to show its age. The last thing I want, is to miss/be late to a single appointment, so I am actively seeking something smaller and more fuel efficient. Don't be surprised to see a newer van (I can't afford new -sorry) the next time I arrive at your house...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Changes Are Coming...

So, I haven't blogged in a while and I do apologize. I just attended a very informative seminar today by Doug Heiferman, an IICRC instructor and incredible motivator. (www.dhseminars.net)
His instruction helped me re-focus my goals and plans for this company.
So, how does this education benefit you, my customer? Expect changes in the very near future. I know, "change" has been thrown around a lot this year, but I am excited about this. Some things will be the same. The cleaning products I use will NOT change. I plan on expanding our selection for a more customized cleaning for you. I plan on using more products from Bridgepoint Systems. They have a vast selection of high quality, green certified, and CRI-approved products. CRI-approved you say? That would be the Carpet and Rug Institute. They are a trade group of the manufacturers of YOUR carpet. They recommend what should be used to clean your carpet.

The next big change to expect is a tier system for pricing. I'm still hammering this out, but the new pricing will be to keep our current prices about the same but offer options, or "upgrades". For example, a "Value Package" will consist of a basic cleaning which we already have now. Next, would be a "Premium Package" which would include the basic cleaning and include Scotchguard protectant. The "Premium+ Package" is still in the works, but I am planning making this a completely different experience for you. I envision making this a completely Green package using the best botanicals and Green-certified products and finish it with the newest drying procedures that will dry your carpet in 20 MINUTES.
I'm pretty excited to get this started and will post more details soon.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Price List for 2009

Well, as long as gas prices stay reasonably stable, here is the price list for this year. It has not changed since late 2005. The plan has been simple; control cost and shop smart.
Here is the list: (Based on average-sizes)
$50 First Room Charge (Minimum Charge)
$20 Each Additional Full Size Room
$10 Bedroom Walkway or Small Half-Sized Room
$22 Each Set of Stairs (approx. 12-14 steps)
$55 Sofa
$45 Loveseat
$35 Recliner
$30 Upright Chair
$100+ Sectionals (They Vary in Size)

Emergency water extraction must be estimated onsite
Upholstery cleaning is performed using "wet" cleaning methods. Some upholstery requires that it be cleaned using solvent (dry) cleaning. We do not use solvents for cleaning as it violates our policy of safe cleaning products, but we can refer you to those who are trained and certified for this type of cleaning.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Well, here it goes...

So, here is the "official" blog of Arizona Quick Dry / MCD. After some debate about the best way to post updates and news to the main website, I felt it would be easier to just not mess with the fine work of my webmaster. I also like that blogs tend to be more relaxed and I can update it as much as I want without having to re-learn html to fix it.

So what can you expect from this blog?
  • All news and updates will be here.
  • Your questions will be answered here.
  • Anything else that seems relevant will be posted here.
Despite being quite computer savvy, I will admit that this is kind of new to me so this will be a learning process.
Last, but not least, Happy New Year!