Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ahhh Google!

OK, so after a lot of tinkering with SEO, I have discovered that AQD has TWO Google Plus pages!
Apparently, Google automatically makes a page with the Local part, ignoring if you already set up one already.
So, I apparently have to keep two now.

The nice and easy link from a page I created with followers.

Yeah, not so pretty BUT it is tied to the Local listings and no followers.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Pricing for 2014

Here is the new price list effective 2/1/14

$50      First Room Charge (Minimum Charge)
$25      Each Additional Full Size Room
$10      Bedroom Walkway or Small Half-Sized Room
$25      Each Set of Stairs (approx. 12-14 steps)
$55      Sofa
$45      Loveseat
$35      Recliner
$30      Upright Chair
$100+  Sectionals (They Vary in Size)

Hallways are free for up to six feet in length.  Additional lengths are priced in additional $5 increments.

Carpet protectant (Green Guard) is $10 per full-sized room.

Over sized rooms are priced in additional $5 increments.

Additional fees apply for pet stain treatment and red stain removal.

All prices above are for average size rooms (~225 sq. ft) and typical size furniture.

Hardwood floor restoration is $0.50 per sq. ft. and includes 2 coats of finish.
Upholstery cleaning is performed using a water-based process. We will test the fabric for compatibility before any cleaning.